PR has come a long way since Adam-and-Eve. The profession has begun to assert itself as it emerged much beyond the pink-shirt, party happy culture to emerge as effective bridge of communication. Whether we are corpcom professionals or agency practitioners, we have begun to play a meaningful role in building and maintaining relationships through our messaging internally as well as externally, with the senior management and with the TGs.

It is time that we as PR professionals evolve ourselves, redefine our roles and meet the challenges of ever changing times and emerge stronger than before. It’s time to look beyond all these and see where we fit in and command value that we PR or communication professionals deserve.

Yes, command the key word. We cannot demand respect. It should come automatically for which we need to appear like a specialist like a medical or legal practitioner.

The lockdown period has given us an excellent opportunity to look within, reinvent the wheel and resadjust to the socio-economic dynamics.

Come, join us and re-evaluate ourselves.